Daniel's Writings

From the experience of walking in the UBC endownment lands


It is the place of dreams Where the light gives way to night Treading softly on moist ground All sounds are amplified The imagination works wondrous wild Manifesting visions of all kinds Creating illusions of fear to nip at the heels Animals, men and spirits all clamor to grab hold But none grasp tighter than the mind

Dante Alighieri stepped into the woods Not knowing what he would find

In the midway of this our mortal life, I found me in a gloomy wood, astray Gone from the path direct: and e’en to tell, It were no easy task, how savage wild That forest, how robust and rough its growth, Which to remember only, my dismay Renews, in bitterness not far from death.

He was met by Virgil and was guided through hell, purgatory and paradise. They stopped along the way to witness all kinds of suffering and joy.

This is the journey we take every time we risk the unknowable It takes us through the shadows of the mind To the salvation of our own presence The willingness to go through that which we fear most Will bring us closer to the source of our own truth The truth of who we are

Tonight I stepped in the woods Not knowing Allowing my feet to carry me Letting my mind wander along the path Until I could barely see Relaxing into the unknowable, un-seeable Trusting my senses, allowing my mind to run wild Observing fear and relinquishing its grip on my heart Breathing and walking through what is

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Happy Valentines Day

Enjoy this moment as it is with the beauty and magnificence of the One


One Valentine

I have a new valentine this year

It is right now

This breath

This life

This existence

Right here, this...

All of this...oneness

Love of the One never fails as it is always the One

It is the love without time, without limit

Nobody and nothing can take it away as it is not separate

There is nothing to give or receive as it is not separate

Dissolving in an instant giving over to complete intimacy

Folding into this moment continuously as it is

All contexts of love are contained in the One

Self love, unconditional love, divine love are illusive patterns

They are fables of the mind, dressed up as noble intention

Human imagination is what dreams of painful separation

Shifting is so simple and yet it's a choice that's hardly ever made

Relaxing the focus for external validation and energy

Surrendering to this moment completely

Engaged awareness

Energy transmission

Complete connection

Being oneness with the One

There is nothing to do to complete the circuit with the One

There is nothing separate from the One

Only oneness with the One

And I am in love with the One




Oxidized, worn, broken down, steel survivors, mechanical behemoth.

Sullen and lifeless, stuck in the mud, bent axle, scrap heap, junk yard cars,Squished up, recycled like aluminum cans, poison iron earth, bronze age sculpture,dug up archeology, a piece of time corroding in the firmament of earth.

Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Phoenician relics, undersea plunder, escaped warship sunken in wars, storm prized possessions now owned by Poseidon, a cannon, wine jugs, swords, spoons, gold dab looms, living on the bottom.

Always going deep, old corroded shadow self, weighing down, out back, behind the shed, laying in the rain, a piece of the moment that is the moment, no longer,
Here is a rusty reminder.


One sweet cherry kiss
One whole feeling of belonging

This is the start
Beginning in newness
Finding a place to stand
Right here
Here in the earth
Feet in the sand
Sand made from the ashes of our ancestors
Their immortal remains lifting us upward
Giving rise to greater wisdom

Allowing awareness of something greater than we can imagine to emerge
Shedding the tiny crab shells we carry on our backs
Hermits of individualized separation
Lonely in the crowd
We are unique only in the pain that we cannot conceal

Open to your radiant beauty
Connect your heart to all that there is
Remember who you are
Remember that love brought you here
Love that never leaves


Very beautiful Daniel

Dew Drop

I let myself dissolve into a morning dew
A drop on a leaf welling up growing bigger and heavier
The leaf droops down further nearly touching the ground
Awareness, expanding, growing, breathing, forming new limits
Expanding, contracting, moving inward and outward
Pulsating droplet ready to fall, ready to be swallowed by the ground
Falling, falling, deeper, deeper,
The bubble drops, explodes and goes back to the life energy from where it came
Disappearing into the microcosmic void, a mere droplet
Dew, how I love you!
Shining bright, reflecting light, glistening in the sun
A jewel radiant and transparent filled with space and light
There are an endless number of these
Yet none are the same
What magnificence to behold!
To witness just one, of the one, as one
No matter the number it still comes back to one and only one
There is still time to see the droplet fall
Hanging onto the texture of the leaf by the pressure of atmosphere
The very molecules of its presence
This tiny bead is made up of all existence
Inside and outside it makes on difference to see which one
This drop is, there is nothing to know about it
To identify with a droplet may seem absurd
Though no more absurd then to be attached to any inanimate or animate object
These "things" we value are a trick we play on each other
Making it more difficult to see that there is no value that we do not create
How liberating to see the bondage to Thingism
To look toward a single drop of water on a tender green leaf
To see the glory and grace of all this that there is
As it is, as life, before, below and above, meeting as one
In this golden misty morning

 I see how you see me

I see how you see me
Crystal clear
Through the looking glass
Details, thoughts, words, feelings
Life simply flows
In this place
Where we meet
Without judgment
Without walls
A coming together in awareness
A communion of beautiful souls
Igniting powerful presence
Realizing incredible goals

Everyone loves me

Everyone loves me
Sometimes I forget this
But I forgive myself and begin again



Daniel, you have mastered much that still eludes me, especially brevity!

 Thank you for this very apropos wisdom.


Icing on the Cake

Your relentless need for approval

Is the icing

On your very own

homemade rejection cake


A boat
A ferry going between islands
I am the captain and this is my boat
It's not "Our" relation-ship
You don't seem to understand
You walk up the gang plank and sachet across the upper deck looking pretty
We explore the tender places in the aft cabin lined with teak and mahogany
Such a lovely time and then.....
It comes again out of your mouth
Sweetly, softly you ask me, if I will let you stay on my ship.
To have my ship, to be in a relation-ship
Without a pause, a blink or a sigh
You ask for the possession of my being
How many times have I sailed with such a crew?
Pirates demanding to take the wheel
To waters far from my destination

I look out over the sea
And I see peace
The huge blue calm
Your eyes are calm and blue
An ocean to swallow me up
Moby Dick
10,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Deep
Scary sea beast
Dressed as a mermaid
Smiling with manacles in hand

I'll be damned
If I give up the wheel of this ship!
She'd have me shoveling coal into the hungry boiler
To feed and house the desire and compulsion, for her whims and fancies

Poseidon had it right
He ruled with a trident standing tall against the turning tide
Facing proudly into the stormy tempest
Such a great hero to admire
An undersea archetype
Live alive in me
Protecting me from the Siren
Whose seductive song
No longer pulls ships to rocks
But SUV's into suburban driveways

I love
And I love
And it is this worldly essence
That is sweetest beyond form
More beautiful than human beauty
I am transfixed by this

No more
No more
I give up to resistance and enjoy what I will
Viking spirit
Trade winds blow strong
Adventure, wine and gold
Raping maidens on distant shore gives me power
Rejoicing in the cold depths of the sea
Of all that is and may be over the horizon
I pull anchor and set sail for what is next
Hearing the song of the Siren
I cover ears
Tie my hands to the mast
So I cannot veer to a certain end
Calamity of land locked caged comfort

Over stuffed couches and burl wood banisters
Photo gallery memories
Keep sakes
Nick knacks
A garage filled with colored plastic shit
His and hers matching toilet stalls
A garden that waters itself
Sexless neighbors with steak and potato barbeques
No event happening
A stick of dynamite over the fence to kill that dog who won't shut up
Boring architecture of mixed up conformist all style, no style
Uniquely individual
Absolutely all the fucking same
Myopic cul-de-sacs
Wagons in a circle offering protection from the Indians
Every man is John Wayne
Every woman is Martha Stewart
Nice, new, unconscious comfort zone compromise

I almost forgot who I am again

And I like it

What is love?

It is here
Right now
It is me
It is you
Inside and outside

Right here
In all that there is

I can touch you and feel it
You can touch me and feel it

Put out your hand and feel the heat from my palm
Radiating outward from my heart to your soul

Embrace the warm glow
Bask in the beloved

Sharing in the infinite loop that is this life
Right here
Right now

This is it
It is all there is
It is right here
It is her
It is him
It is we
It is that
It is us
It is them

This is wholeness
This is The One

It is simple
This is it
This is love

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