Write Here Get Clear - LIVING TRANSPARENTLY - Connecting Energetically to All That There IS

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6:30pm - 9:30pm PDT Monday, June 23 2008
5670 Blenheim Street Vancouver BC
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Daniel on Jan 20, 2008


Hosted by Daniel Barre with the assistance of David Gyurkovics
Please contact Daniel Barre to register at 778-889-1557

LIVING TRANSPARENT - Is an 8 week inquiry into being more in touch with our energy, body and inherent creative wisdom by consciously connecting to "the Oneness" of the energy of this life. The process is a combination of practising Zen meditation, Taoist Chi Gung and Direct Non-Dualistic philosophy.
We learn to understanding and integrate the dimensions of form and formless, by moving out of mind made identified materialistic separation into transparent non-dual presence.

The corner stones of this group process are Zen meditation, creative writing, mindful sharing and Taoist energetic practices.

Through meditation we get in touch with our inner stillness and connect as a group,
allowing "no mind" and "not-knowing" to emerge in order to cultivate our wisdom and voice of clarity.
Practicing Chi Gung exercises and learning Taoist internal energy arts we learn the ancient foundations of how the energy systems of the human body work, specifically the microcosmic orbit inside our of us and how we are connected to the macrocosim of the world we live in.

In doing creative free writing and sharing it, we peel away the "onion layers" of our
critical identified mind. Engaging in mindful dialogue we speak to the truth in a way that is profound and transformative.
Through this process we learn practical ways to cultivate and develop a greater awareness of our life force energy and our connection to "all that there is" in this world.

In doing this process our inherent deeper wisdom, creativity and powerful presence is realized. Conscious integration of body, mind and heart are a natural result.
Daniel Barre - Is a Writer, Artist, Speaker, Teacher, Healer and Coach who has developed the Write Here Get Clear process of expanding awareness, developing creativity, clarity and presence through creative writing, meditation, transformative dialogue and internal energy arts. Daniel is facilitating this innovative process. He has developed a unique ability to "hold the space" of the group "creating a sharing circle in presence" allowing the gentle un-foldment of our natural ability to transform blocked emotions, physical stress and to develop an increased accessibility to the flow of effortless clear effort.

David Gyurkovics - Is a Universal Healing Tao Instructor and Acutonics Sound Healing Practitioner. He has spent many years in retreat developing a powerful Oriental internal arts practice. David will lead some of the group
energy exercises and teach Taoist principles that can be integrated into daily life.

Join us for this unique opportunity to develop awareness, new ways to relax into
presence, connect to deeper levels of life becoming more in tune with ourselves and the universe as it is, dissolving into this beautiful energy this natural life force of all existence.

Here is what the students of the last classes said:

• Thankful to you, holding the space, the honesty, creating was wonderful, continualy transformative. ~ Sarah
• Thank you for enriching my life and filling it with the groundedness in myself that I was seeking ~ Szu Chi
• I have appreciated the peace and the gentle approach to learning - the fact that it was coming from a spiritual heart. ~ Patrick

This class is on Monday May 5th and running until June the 23th.
Class time is from 6:30 to 9:30pm.

Located in Daniel's home Zen meditation space in Kerrisdale at 41st and Blenheim

The financial contribution is $200.
(scholarships available for students/under-employed)

Drop ins availble for WHGC Alumni

Please contact Daniel Barre to register at 778-889-1557



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